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Counter Culture

Skincare, Bodycare & Bathtime, Wellbeing, Haircare, Makeup, Home & Fragrance, For Him, Toiletries, Cleaning Products, In the Bathroom, In the Kitchen, Laundry, Home Fragrances, Homewares & Accessories with discounts on! Find each month on Counter Culture UK Promo Codes, Counter Culture UK Discount codes, Counter Culture UK Coupons, Counter Culture UK special Deals, Counter Culture Free delivery in UK. Welcome to Counter Culture…a marketplace where we sell health and beauty products which are good for you and the Planet too!
Counter Culture Brand Manifesto
The average woman uses 12 to 16 products a day before leaving the house
A staggering 41% of us feel guilty about how our beauty routine impacts the environment
1 in 3 of us don’t understand the ingredients in the products we use
We created Counter Culture as a place where people could discover the latest green beauty and lifestyle brands – safe in the knowledge that they are supporting independent businesses who genuinely want to help the environment.
Counter culture is … a force for change
We know know climate change can’t be solved by consumerism. But given the massive impact the beauty industry has on the environment, we need to start changing things from the inside out. We hope to encourage customers to play a role in helping the environment through the sustainable choices they make, knowing that even one small change to their routine can make a world of difference to our beautiful planet. We also aim to raise the bar in terms of what people expect from brands; being sustainable should no longer be a niche selling point. Everybody should be striving to reduce their carbon footprint and we intend to lead the way!
With our carefully stocked virtual shelves, we want to help people consume less and use more. To only buy a few products that they regularly use, rather than have countless bottles and jars clogging up their bathroom shelves. We also want to foster more conscious ways of consuming – not just the number of products you buy, but how you use and dispose of them. (For example, solid or powder formats designed to be mixed with water; or products with refillable or recyclable packaging.) Every bit of effort counts!
Counter culture is … eco beauty you can trust
Many beauty brands are starting to loudly shout about their environmental credentials. But with little regulation of terms such as ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘natural’, it is very easy for companies to simply pay lip service to an issue, or throw in marketing buzzwords to make it look like they are helping the planet more than they actually are. (E.g. calling themselves ‘natural’ when a large percentage of their ingredients in fact are not, or at least not sustainably sourced.)
Before we bring a brand on board, we need to feel confident that they are sincere in their bid to do better for the environment. We’re looking for progress not perfection, so while a brand may not tick every eco box (yet), what counts is that they are genuinely striving to do better and be more sustainable.
Counter Culture is … all about those beauty benefits!
Our products aren’t just better for the environment and your body, but they’re better full stop! So while we help customers switch to a more sustainable beauty routine, they will also be introduced to their new ‘must-have’ product that they won’t be able to live without. From skincare and makeup to everything else, our team of experts put each product through its paces to ensure everything we stock does what it says on the tin – and helps the planet in the process.
What’s more, our product descriptions are informal, friendly and relatable – as if you were talking to a friendly counter assistant, rather than trying to decipher the marketing jargon on the back of a jar. By browsing our range of real reviews, our customers can find their ‘skin twin’ (i.e. a reviewer with a similar skin type and tone as theirs, or who is in the same age bracket) so they can find recommendations that are truly relevant to them.
Counter culture is … friendly and buzzword-free
Woolly terms like ‘clean beauty’ are not for us. We are fully transparent with the environmental claims we make, speaking in clear, simple terms – we don’t use buzzwords or marketing jargon. Our Tone of Voice outlines clearly how each term should be correctly used and explained. (E.g. a product isn’t natural or organic unless the vast majority of ingredients in the formula are certified as such.) A brand is only sustainable if their natural ingredients are responsibly.