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Go Zero

Smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers with discounts on gozerocharge.com! Find each month on HotPromoCode.co.uk: Go Zero UK Promo Codes, Go Zero UK Discount codes, Go Zero UK Coupons, Go Zero UK special Deals, Go Zero Free delivery in UK. Go Zero Charge is a company that specializes in smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers for UK homes. Their mission is to make EV home charging simple. Here are some key points about Go Zero Charge:
Optimus EV Charger: Their latest home EV charger, called Optimus, is designed around customers’ needs. It’s powerful, smart, and compatible with both electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The connector type is Type 21.
– Intelligent Scheduling: Go Zero’s mobile app allows you to schedule charging intelligently, helping you reduce electricity bills.
– Real-time Usage Tracking: Monitor your usage and trends in real-time.
– Voice-Controlled Charging: Use Alexa for voice-controlled car charging.
– Compatibility: Go Zero chargers are truly compatible with both EVs and PHEVs.
About Go Zero Charge:
– They believe in a future where all travel is 100% electric, and they aim to simplify that journey.
– Their story begins with the Optimus EV Charger.
– Go Zero Charge is committed to making EV home charging accessible and efficient for everyone