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Expires: 31 December 2024
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Healthier snacks with discounts on! Find each month on Graze UK Promo Codes, Graze UK Discount codes, Graze UK Coupons, Graze UK special Deals, Graze Free delivery in UK. Graze was born out of a love of real food and a lack of good snacking choices (especially when we were stuck in the office).Β We were faced with either healthy options that were just plain dull, or more interesting treats that left us feeling… less than amazing. So we quit our jobs and started on a mission to make good snacks exciting.
Armed with our own flavour know-how, and inspired by flavours from around the world, we combine wholesome ingredients in inventive new ways, to create exciting snacks you can look forward to.
Explore new flavours and enjoy healthier choices on a regular basis, with personalised graze boxes delivered to your door (or office!).
How it works:
1. Choose your box and tell us how often you want it (our box types include variety, light and vegan)
2. Tell us how much you like the foods in our range
3. We handpick your box based on your tastes
4. Your box is delivered to your work or home (for free!)