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Expires: 31 December 2024
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The Spice Gift

Herbs and spice starter gift sets with discounts on! Find each month on The Spice Gift UK Promo Codes, The Spice Gift UK Discount codes, The Spice Gift UK Coupons, The Spice Gift UK special Deals, The Spice Gift Free delivery in UK. Hi, they say always start with a name, so here we go… My name is Miriam, and I’m the owner of Thespicegift. We are a small online spice store business Located in Manchester (UK) and we have been trading for a year and 6 months. Our selling channels currently include our own website and Etsy!
What do we do/What do we sell? We put a fresh twist on traditional spices. We blend and mix traditional spices in-house and sell these online as beautiful β€œWOW” food gifts. (At least that’s how our customers describe our products). Spices make Great Gifts. What makes our products special? 1. Forget about having individual spices sat around in the cupboard going to waste, we combine your favorite spices and herbs! 2. Our gifts are unique with a lot of personal touches including each gift box including added wooden spoons and forks to help serve. 3. We use 40 ml glass jars that can be recycled and reused to store homemade sauces, Jams, Our jars are small because we want you to use exactly what you need and recycle the glass jar for something else. 4. We mostly use WHOLE SPICES in our spice blend combinations which means they are potent in flavor and transform dishes. 5. Our spice blends are ideal as a spice starter kit for those starting out on their spice journey and what better way to start this journey than with a Spice Gift. 6. Most importantly our packaging is one of the β€œBEST” features our customers love about our products. Our reviews speak for themselves.