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Expires: 31 December 2024
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Tostadora is a marketplace where you will find a creative form of self-expression through original designs that connect with your passions and those of the people you care about.
With a catalogue of thousands of designs, created by independent designers and artists from all over the world, we offer you incredible t-shirts, sweatshirts, frames and other products that can also be personalized using your own images and text. We offer you a way to express yourself and “be more you” in your daily life or when you want to give a gift to someone special.
Who we are
Tostadora is a team of committed people, based in Barcelona, working to bring unique products to unique people around the world.
Our values
We make it happen: We strive to make things happen. Every great project starts with small achievements and we work hard to achieve them.
We aim high: We want to go high, the sky is our limit and we already have our helmets on!
We make it easy: We run away from the complexity and inefficiency that become stones on the road.
We rock: A fun, friendly, direct and transparent environment is key to develop our creativity and get the best out of each of us.
We create happy customers: We sell passionwear and put our heart into every interaction with our customers to make the shopping experience exciting.
How does it work?
Enter our marketplace and choose a design you like. Customize it by choosing the product and color we print the design on, just for you. The artist who uploaded that design to our platform will receive a royalty margin for the sale.
You can also create your own design! Select the option to customize where you can upload your own drawing, photo or add text to create something special. Then you can decide which garment or product to print it on.