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Expires: 31 December 2024
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Tankless instant hot water dispenser with discounts on vocafresh.com! Find each month on HotPromoCode.co.uk: VOCA UK Promo Codes, VOCA UK Discount codes, VOCA UK Coupons, VOCA UK special Deals, VOCA Free delivery in UK. We are very excited to introduce you to VOCA, a brand new product that recently hit the UK/EU market and will revolutionise the instant hot water tap industry through its tankless technology. Proudly made in Taiwan, where alone it sells thousands of units each year, Alenic Ltd is delighted to be the exclusive importer/distributor for the EUK..
Perfect for both home and commercial, VOCA is the next level of luxury and comfort that will enhance the experience around the kitchen sink and offices/lounges.
Some of the key features:
– Tankless = unlimited water supply and no more dirt/impurities building up inside a tank.
– You’re able to select your desired quantity and temperature = comes with a handy and easy to use wireless touch controller.
– Stainless steel dedicated tap with touch buttons = sleek design, barely noticeable which means it blends in perfectly with any environment.
– Takes little space and nearly no maintenance = ideal for any room like kitchens, annexes, offices, garden rooms, etc.
VOCA is a premium product with a luxurious feeling that would appeal to anyone wanting to upgrade their lifestyle to the next level. We believe it has many inspirational topics that could generate several talking points, such as:
– Environmentally friendly: no more need for plastic bottled water, consumes less than the average kettle and almost nothing on stand-by (2W), etc.
– Convenience and lifestyle: it will free your worktop as you don’t need a kettle anymore, you’ll always have accessible 95ºC water 24/7, etc.
– Fun to use: keying in the desired quantity and temperature makes it very entertaining to use, it will drag your guests’ attention, etc.
– A great DIY project: VOCA is very easy to install and includes a DIY manual (downloadable also on our website).
– Made In Taiwan: VOCA is not made in China as most products these days are. Taiwan is the technological brain of the world, producing 63% of the world’s semiconductors globally. Made In Taiwan is synonymous with quality and technological guarantee.