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Expires: 31 December 2024
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Windsor & White

Design with discounts on! Find each month on Windsor & White UK Promo Codes, Windsor & White UK Discount codes, Windsor & White UK Coupons, Windsor & White UK special Deals, Windsor & White Free delivery in UK. We recognise that it can be difficult for customers to distinguish genuine ethics from clever branding, so we wanted to put our knowledge and expertise towards a brand that is fully transparent, with a progressive attitude towards retail and manufacturing. Windsor & White is a truly British brand (products such as cushions and outdoor cushions, lampshades and fabrics are designed, printed and made in England), our factory runs on 100% renewable energy and we offset our minimal carbon footprint with donations to reforestation projects. As our brand grows, so will our efforts to continue our ethos of being eco-friendly, innovative and bridging the gap between luxury design and affordable prices.
We are a design-led business that champions premium quality and British manufacturing without the price tag of a luxury brand.